2015-2017 Edition

A comprehensive referenced guide through
Texas Residential Property Issues,
Court Rules, and Landlord/Tenant Laws

(by J.G. Hardy, an author with more than 25 years of experience in Texas Landlord/Tenant Court Cases)

"Things" that both landlords and tenants
Want to Know - Need to Know - Should Know - and Must Know
About Texas Residential Properties
Good Things ... Bad Things ... & ... Eviction Things

Abandoned Property   Landlord's Liens   Rental Application & Fees
Access to Retrieve Property   Late Fees   Security Deposits
Bonds   Lease -- No Lease   Security Devices
Cash Rental Payments   Lease vs. Sale   Smoke Alarms, etc.
Certificates of Occupancy   Lockouts   Subletting
Disclosure of Ownership   Manufactured Homes   Tricks of the Trade
Emergency Numbers   Parking & Towing   Utilities
Harrassment and Retaliation   Repairs & Maintenance   Writs of Re-Entry & Restoration

AND, if things go bad:
EVICTIONS: The Step-by-Step Process ~ Who, Where, What, Why ~ How it's Done, What to Expect

Maximize your money & minimize your troubles
Knowledge is a powerful thing!

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